A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

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sean lancaster
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Re: Are you asking for too much ..

Franka T.L. wrote:

OK, let me get that straight ..

  • want a small package that you can easily carry around in my jacket pocket
  • The camera + lens need to be capable of good IQ in available/low light situations
  • HATE changing lenses, want a great, bright standard zoom
  • However, paying 1000 Dollars/Euros for it (which is almost twice as much as the Nex 5N body is worth) is just not right with you

Basically you ask for a top quality fast zoom that need to mate to your NEX body that still allow you to carry it in jacket pocket but yet ask it to price economically ..

Sorry I think your fix focal policy is perhaps a lot more rational. Speed , and optical quality is simply , and usually the reverse of compact, and economy pricing.

i think the point of Franka's post is that he just wanted to make sure people knew he doesn't value what anyone else has said in this lengthy discussion and that he wants to start it all over.

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