Any photographers use a scooter

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Re: Any photographers use a scooter

Gaijin Tourist wrote:

Draek, you're right, public transportation (aside from a few of the big cities) is just not much of an option in most of the US, though lots of folks are trying to do better on their own with bicycles, scoots, and hybrid vehicles.

But please: As a longtime motorcycle rider, do NOT make the mistake that scooters are less dangerous than a motorcycle. I'll grant that you may not have the acceleration on the smallest ones, but you're still on a very light two-wheeled vehicle in a world of cars, buses, and trucks, at least half of whom are being driven by distracted numbskulls, texting or watching YouTube vids when they should have both hands on the wheel. You still need real moto-clothes, armored jacket, gloves, and a real helmet.

Be safe out there !

All the Best,


Agreed! A scooter is a motorcycle, with most of the same safety issues. The only safety "advantage" that comes to mind, is the rider's leg is less likely to be caught between the frame of the scooter and another object in the event of a side impact, or the frame and roadway in the event of a fall, if the scooter has the classic "step-through" frame design.

The lower speed typical of scooters can be willingly matched by motorcycle riders, by simply riding slower.

The head and torso, containing the vital organs and other important bits, and one's arms and hands, are no less vulnerable to injury than when riding a larger motorcycle at similar speeds.

A scooter, being relatively smaller and quieter, may be less likely to be perceived by other drivers, a potential safety disadvantage compared to larger bikes.

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