I want medium format!

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I don't think so. It's a great camera - no doubt. But full medium format, especially full 6x7 is considerably nicer looking. I've seen a scad of D800 images and it's clearly the best thing out there in 35mm. But ti's not quite medium format.

No, it's actually better than medium format digital.

Sorry, I should have specified film. I'm not sure I'm impressed with medium format digital as it is today. Something needs a re-work there and that's what I'm ultimately proposing. A complete re-thinking of that and perhaps someone different to launch it. Clearly the medium format makers are floundering. It's time for Canon or Nikon for Fuji to try it. It could be the next revolution.

Do you seriously think I would have done that if I thought the images from the D800E were in any way inferiour to the MFD?

Quite possibly. Many have and not because 35mm was better, but because it was good enough and a whole lot less expensive and a lot more convenient. Ming Thien actually seemed to think his Leica S2 had some advantages over the D800, but I don't recall exactly what or how significant. but I'll take your word for it and perhaps I should get a D800.

As an aside, most MFD sensors are considerably smaller than the film they are replacing. Even smaller than a 645 frame. The MFD I owned had a sensor twice as large as a 35mm frame. It was 48x36mm (short of the 56x41.5mm 645 image area), and was/is one of the largerest MFD sensors around. Most MFD sensors were even smaller.

Excellent point. I think it's already been said and is well proven that market demand hasn't really warranted or funded the development and advancement of medium format digital. I could go on and on, but Canon and Nikon etc. have developed other segments that helped drive and push others along.

When the digital revolution started, medium format makers were already in a weak position with little market diversity and very little funding. They could have been called niche players. As such, they were in no position to fund rapid development and suffer low adoption rates of test products. So they made a play to keep their existing form factors and equipment and bolt on backs - it seemed like a good idea. But the market cap and lack of diverse markets kept them from being able to roll the big dice often enough to grow medium format digital into what it should have been. Too bad, I liked medium format and large format.

Buy Sigma DP3 and gigapan. Upres with photozoom before you stitch. Enjoy your new slow cheap medium format rig.  Or buy Plustek 120 scanner and medium format film. Or invest in a cheap 4x5 thing on ebay and send in your film to be scanned on a 12000dpi scanner for several hundred dollars a scan. You better budget several thousand for a hefty computer however to handle those multi-gigabyte files. The thing that has limited photo photo file size is the death of the pc and that most digital camera folks simply view the pictures on the net at about 400x600 pixels in a browser window on a cheap LCD tablet.

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