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Re: Why I use Raw + Jpg - because when I don't, I screw up

tom wrote:

I recently had a visit from relatives (and very young nieces and nephews) I haven't seen for a few years. I met them at the Air and Space museum in DC. Since this was not a photo trip, I just popped a P&S (that I also hadn't used in a few years) in my pocket.

I took some very nice photos of the group, at least on the LCD. When I got them home I found out that the camera I had used did not have raw, and it was set on auto ISO. Now the area where I photographed did not appear dark, but the camera set a very high ISO. I did have the camera set for highest quality with minimum NR and sharpening. But when I looked at the images full screen (the way they will when they open them in windows photo viewer), I could see that there were lots of artifacts. And of course the artifacts were on the women's and girls' faces. Minimum NR and sharpening were built in to the camera at much higher levels than I would ever use. Unfortunately, it made all of them look like different versions of Quasimoto.

I was able to salvage some of them using selective bluring, sharpening, blending etc. and a heck of a lot of time and trial and error.

I have taken shots in similar situations with cameras that had raw +jpg, and after throwing away the jpg, I could complete the raw processing in 5 minutes or less (just copy the settings of the first one into subsequent images).

I've red tagged the offending camera and have all my other cameras set for raw+jpg.


That's a novel reason! Did the camera have any histogram? It sounds like your red channel was clipping which is typical on faces.

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