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Fuji GX645, rebadged as Blad H series

noirdesir wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

With a 37x52mm sensor, a sexy 1.4 aspect ratio (ISO paper sizes, anyone?) and one-touch power sensor rotation from vertical to horizontal when used on a Fuji 6x8 (and, I'd assume, anyone else's 6x7 or 6x6) MF bodies, and a tilt-swivel LCD (can't remember if it was liveview, though), it qualified as the single most advanced MF digital back that has ever been built. I had some sample files, they were the most gorgeous MF files I've ever seen. My sources say Fuji buried it at the request of Blad, who was branding Fuji 645 bodies and lenses as "Hasselblad" and didn't want a super-cool "beyond 645" system out there.

I don't remember that Fuji had a 645 bodies except for the fixed lens ones.

They had several different 645 series. You're probably thinking of the GA645, a series of fixed lens rangefinder and AF models (yes, medium format "point and shoots". Fuji explored virtually every possible space). The GX645  is an interchangeable lens SLR that was slightly modified to become the Blad H series.

And a 37 x 52 mm sensor would fit right into a 645 system

It would. But then you miss all the fun of the power sensor rotation system.

(the actual back was for a 6x8 camera), did that sensor die or was it used somewhere else?

It died. Eventually, all Fuji's large sensor (APS, FF, a 36mm square industial sensor, and the 37x52mm) work died, and they now only do small sensors. Even their current APS sensors are fabbey by Sony, with Fuji just providing alternate filter layouts.

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