I want medium format!

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Re: I want medium format!

stevo23 wrote:

The only reason you have this lust over MF is because it produced better image than 35mm did, and it only did so because it was bigger.

But today's D800 easily produces image as good or better than MF film. Si I really dont understand what is there that you think is missing.

I don't think so. It's a great camera - no doubt. But full medium format, especially full 6x7 is considerably nicer looking. I've seen a scad of D800 images and it's clearly the best thing out there in 35mm. But ti's not quite medium format.

What you may not realise is that the difference you see is more to do with the lens than the sensor. Just because D800 is 36mp does not mean it will produce images fully use 36mp every time. If you want maximum resolution, you must use the very best lens. images from 24-70 or 24-120 (which are the most common) would no demonstrate the maximum potential of D800.

Just the basics - no fancy scene modes or any of that useless stuff. Just simple, high DR, high resolution images.

Come on! Why not?

the less software features you include the more expensive the camera get.

? So adding more features, thus code, and thus more code writing time into your development budget makes the camera cheaper? What do you mean?

Because all these features are already written and cost nothing to add into the firmware. But removing them would reduce sales and thus volume and thus decrease economy of scale. If you look at existing cameras, those without "scene mode" are always the most expensive.

But someone wrote them and charged for them. Cameras without scene mode aren't more expensive because they're missing software/firmware features. It's because there are other useful features in them and pros don't need scene mode, they need other features that actually do cost more. And because they're pro level cameras made of better material with bigger sensors etc.

Pro cameras have no scene mode to appear more elite, not because they want to save money. Adding scene mode would not have increased their cost whatsoever. I dont ever use scene mode on my D600. In fact I do not think there are more D600 owners need scene mode than D800 or D4 owners who do. Yet, scene mode is present on D600. Why? Because given D600's positioning, there is no need to remove it to make the camera more "pro" and no money will be save from the removal, one the other hand Nikon does not want  the lack of scene mode to alienated even just 1% customer.

JSW have made a very good explanation as to why many features that will not cost any money to add, but if you remove them, sales will go down. I see you have read it, which part do you disagree?

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