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Re: So the next time,

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

VirtualMirage wrote:

The RAW image still could use more sharpening. What settings are you using?


The JPEG has too much sharpening as evidence of the halos around everything. What unsharp mask settings did you use for this? And why did you feel it needed even more sharpening than how it appeared out of camera?

I don't remember all of the settings. I sometimes use Unsharp Mask when I think it helps. I use the lowest in camera sharpening in JPGs.

Honest, I was trying to compare RAW sharpening to JPG sharpening. Seems fair to me.

100% what?  Just the amount, or everything?

In IDC you have 4 sharpness adjustments.  Just taking the amount slider to 100 and leaving the other adjustments at 0 will hardly make any difference.  The amount slider will add very little sharpening by itself.  It seems to be a bit conservative as to where it applies.  But since it is only a -100 to 100 scale and doesn't define by pixel size, etc., we don't know exactly what it is looking for.

But tinkering with the overshoot, undershoot, and threshold make a noticeable change to the level and type of sharpness you are getting.

Maybe it is just me, but I have to agree that if using IDC the sharpness is not as intuitive as the sharpening in PS and LR.  Of course I learned sharpening through the use of amount/radius/detail /masking, not overshoot/undershoot.

Due to your software and system limitations, you are probably better off doing your adjustments in IDC except for sharpening, then export a TIFF to PS/PSE and do sharpening there.  And since you usually save sharpening for last anyways and tweak it to the output you plan to present your image in (print, display, web, TV, etc.), this doesn't have a negative effect on the image.

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