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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

AceP wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Some of these wedding shooters shoot 2000 images that they then have to go through and process afterwards. Think about it.

Actually if you think about it, they will spend the least amount of time that will achieve the highest quality so most of those guys have set up their presets in Lightroom on some test shots where they fix the CA, saturation etc. for a custom starting point. Their "style" if you will. It appears your starting point in the illustration was to apply nothing except to make the RAW file visible!

Then these wedding shooters import the 2000 images with their choice of preset applied as they come in. That was step 1. Step 2, they click on the pull down menu and select "export to jpeg". Then go surf the web and reply to some DPReview comments while their computer churns out the processed jpegs, processed the way they like it rather than the way their camera jpeg processing choices happened to be set at during the shoot. With RAW, if they want to apply some different style to certain photos, they can create as many versions in LR as they wish before exporting another fresh from the original RAW file, jpeg.

Sounds preposterous to me.


And how can there be ONE set of presets that would apply to all of the pictures shot in one full speed ahead wedding shoot?

Seriously do you not understand that jpegs are also based on:

"ONE set of presets that would apply to all of the pictures shot in one full speed ahead wedding shoot?"

As you said, RAW gives you the opportunity to apply a whole range of fine tuning options, not just the colour saturation, contrast, and sharpness that you can preset your camera to do in regards to the jpeg processing styles. They don't have to be different for every shot. And you don't have to do it before you take the shots under pressure but at your leisure while checking results on a full sized monitor.

You really are just being a troublemaker as you stated, aren't ya?.

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