A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

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Re: A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

ottonis wrote:

ET2 wrote:

ottonis wrote:

quezra wrote:

He also wants them to be compact, which if you've had a look at any othe APS-C f2.8 zooms you'll see it doesn't happen, or if somehow Sony managed to design such a miracle lens it would probably cost a fortune even compared to most f2.8 zooms.

I wonder if the OP will mention what price he'd be willing to pay for the lens he craves, that will give an indication of how realistic his demands are.

As I just wrote above, I would rather have a slightly larger/bigger lens if it was one stop faster (i.e. constant f/2.8).

Where do you get that it will be just "slightly bigger". To make the same lens one stop faster (same design and focal length), the front element would need to have twice the surface area.

Wow, I didn't know that.

The Sigma 18-35/1.8 is over 2 stops faster than an f/4 lens and I noted an f/2.8 would even be appealing for me (and f/2.8 is closer to f/4 than f/1.8). Sure, 18-35 isn't 18-70, but 18-35 is still a decent range. And, the overall size would be quite tolerable as I don't even find the Sigma 18-35/1.8 too large:

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