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Re: Before you say someone is "wrong"

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

You're doubly wrong.

First, your area calculations are a little wrong.

35mm is 24x36mm = 864mm2

645 is 40.5x56mm = 2268mm2, 2.62x larger

6x7 is 56x66mm = 3696mm2, 4.28x larger

Second, your science and reasoning are more than just a little wrong. People don't perceive area, they perceive linear dimensions. 645 has a 69.1mm diagonal, just 1.59 the size of the 43.3mm diagonal of 35mm. One of the most important principles of psychophysics, the science of perception, is that doubling parameters is necessary to give a perception of a significant difference.

6x7 is the smallest medium format size that truly feels different from 35mm.

645 and 6x6 helped kill it off. If the medium format companies had done a better job promoting the larger formats that go all the way back to the Kodak box and folding cameras, a few of them might have managed to stay in business.

The 6x6 Hasselblad killed MF off? If that was the case, it took them quite a long time.

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