Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

Please read my statement more carefully. You will note that I did not claim the things you say I did.

Other manufacturers' problems are no concern of mine, nor are they a defense for Pentax's failures. As has been pointed out, you are just giving Pentax cover to continue its sloppy ways.



Just curious: when did you had those issues?



Hmmm. I've posted the problems several times. Herewith again:

For me, it began when I switched my K10D to SDM and it would no longer focus my DA* 16-50 to infinity. It had focused fine with shaft drive.

I went through three copies of the K20D. The second copy had a CMOS failure that caused me to lose many photos in Rome.

I received a DA*50-135 with an optical element loose and rattling around inside. My next copy lost its SDM on a trip to Rome. My third copy has, so far, been okay.

I went through two copies of the DA* 16-50 due to severe optical misalignment. One copy caused me to lose valuable photos in Rome, the second copy caused me to lose photos in China. The SDM on the third copy failed after fewer than three dozen photos. I had it repaired and still have it. But I won't take any SDM lens on overseas travel again. The photo opportunities are too valuable, and too expensive, to risk another failure.

And my DA 70 needs so much focus correction that I lost photos with it in Sweden before I recognized the problem. Now I thoroughly test my lenses for focus accuracy, which is quite tedious since I own quite a few lenses.


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