I want medium format!

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Medium format sensor prices to rise...

bosjohn wrote:

I am not sure why this thread has degenerated I loved medium format. I am sure all of you remember its not the over all sharpness indeed though there was some sharpness gain it was small the reall thing that was so wonderful about medium format was about how seemingly many more tones there suddenly were between white and black. how creamy skin tones were. how rich and velvet like deep blacks were. the information was spred out over more than four times in the case of 6/7 the negative area or something like that. I miss those tones

They were mainly from lower contrast emulsions. Just like platinum printing (a personal favorite), the compressed tonal range created the impression of enormous tonality.

and I hope that the cost of sensors will be low enough to think of affordable medium format cameras again

Unfortunately, the cost of medium format sensors is on the rise, as Teledyne and Truesense struggle to keep them sufficiently profitable to justify producing them at all. I estimate that the market will collapse in another 12-18 months.

Lowering the cost is tied into dramatically increasing sales. It's the 30% per decade rule. To cut the cost of a particular semiconductor device 30%, you have to make 10x (that's the "decade", not 10 years) more. To cut the cost in half (half is two successive 30% reductions, (1-0.3)^2) you have to sell 100x more.

That is not going to happen.

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