Epson 7600 still worth considering?

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Re: Epson 7600 still worth considering?

Hello Gripper51, well I did not read every reply, but my 2 cents is buy it, if the head can print a near perfect nozzle test, and you really want something this wide, I like my 7600 and got it on fleabay broken head frame and fixed that, and put ink from and it rarely clogs even for 2-3 weeks being off. You do need to make your own profiles, but if you don't want to do that then get Epson ink (with more cleanings or use the above head cleaner) or check out Jon Cone Epson like ink has the same gamut or very close so you can use Epson driver to print with and you can get on fleabay refill carts for $140.00 for a full set and save by refilling them with bulk ink.

You can still get some parts but the older it gets the harder or more costly.. Also turn it into a BW printer with BW inks?

So I hope I have given you some think to think about.


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