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Thanks Confused of Malvern and rossdoyle

Thank you for your replies. Both of you are good detectives, as you discover something "incorrect" in my post. I would like to exlain to you both in one answer:

What I like: K-5 + K-5IIs placement of buttons and their quiet run and their fantastic funcionality design (very natural controling; just what you need as photographer), grip, light body, low noise in 800ISO, colors, rich details out of sensor, interesting and very useful shooting modes and ISO setup.

Don't like: not good WR lenses (specially 18-135WR so soft in corners, which makes the photo looks awfull), slow CA postpro, camera is good in shadow details but "fail" in bright spectrum which makes a lots of pictures looks dark - so it needs postpro to shift those details into visible result. Under-exposing while pointing to sky (literally you can not hand over camera to anyone, because you are constantly re-compenstating it.

VERY DON'T LIKE: the fail of Pentax = Hamburg service. Why? Two years ago I bought K-5 + 18-135WR. There was problem with focus in certain situation, which I could not find out. Camera went to Czech service (where I'm from) and then travel to Hamburg. Camera had been calibrated - no improovement; but because fail of focus didn't happen always, I've learned to live with it.
Many beautiful and exciting excursions under bad weather had been done without any fail (except focus).
K-5IIs came on market. I bought it with hope that fail in focus will dissapear. It didn't. I sent new camera with 18-135WR lens and description of long-therm problem to Hamburg service. I sent it two times. Camera has been two times recalibrated and something was adjusted (I don't know what, because messages from service had lack of explonations).
But I could specify the fail - around 20mm camera doesn't focus. Then I sent it for third time with higlighted problem. Finaly - problem of lens has been solved. But - after third service camera stopped to be weather-resistant.
??? Why ??? It was new camera, no accident and it has worked few month well under rain.
I have got really upset and sent it again. Then I had to wait for month to they sent me replacement.
All this anabasis took since 4th of February till about 20th of July
After this experience I lost my enthusiasm into photography and brand new K-5IIs is lying on the shelf till today without even putting battery in it (and we are sailing Greece!).
Untill today I still claim warranty sheet from service. Parently bill is enough, but I travel worldwide and I don't want to relly on German service anymore.

On the other hand I have to say that German service, even short on answering was always nice and polite and always offer help.

I love hiking and rain and enjoy mood weather photography, so system to widstang good amouth of rain is welcome. You can hold K-5 + 18-135WR all day long in your hand under the rain and it's OK.

The new possible system should resist at least some rain. It can be kept in bag, but when shooting I shouldn't need umbrella. If nothing then cover could be solution, but camera and lens still have to resist a lot of humidity.

Pentax K-5 (body) is camera of (my) dreams, because it was desing for people who loves  and understand photography, but WR lenses were done in a hurry (literally all affordables are overpriced for what they offer). If there is anything like Pentax SMC-DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited in WR version, I would be the happiest enthusiastic.
Thank you for suggesting of 5th of September. I'll try google some news from Pentax.
I have one month to decide what to do with my K-5IIs then I wanna sell it or give one more chance.
So I wonder if any system offers rain resistante camera with resistante lens.
If I have to, I will sacrifice best ever controls of K-5IIs, but I want good overall quality lens with even sharpness in small apertures for low-light as it can be in beautiful forest (no stopping to 8 and putting cam on trippod; I like to shot on go and doing progress with excursion as well. E.g. 18-135WR can manage sharp picture on 1/15sec with reasonable stable hands).
I am not rich, so new system shouldn't be extremelly expensive, but there is no need to make it budget. Quality preferable even if I have to wait and save more money. It is hobby.

Sorry for long description.

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