NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

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Re: NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

Kriekira wrote:

salla30 wrote:

In perfect lighting settings both systems have outstanding output. In challenged settings is where the RX1 really shines. The ability to I manipulate the RAW image files is incomparable to that of the 5N.

thanks for your feedback gents.

the above is what I really feel is the difference between the NEXand RX100, ie where the APSC shines, and so I am very interested to hear about this viz RX1.

Thanks again.

The RX1/R will outshine any APS-C camera (esp. any Sony APS-C) in low-light far more than your NEX outshines your RX100. In good light it will outshine it at least as much (and probably more). It is very close to unsurpassed in FF IQ.

The RX1 is the fourth highest rated camera+sensor in DXOmark's database. The Sony 5N is 43rd. The Sony RX100 is 88th.

The RX1R has the seventh highest rated lens. The highest scoring NEX lens is 494th. The RX100 II lens is 3,156th.


I have tried a few cameras including the omd5 and xe1. Compared to my nikon system with the D800 none of them was really good IQ wise.  But my RX-1 is my first compact that has the same output as my D800. The RX- 1 really is outstanding!

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