E620 - OMD-EM1 Size comparison

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Re: E620 - OMD-EM1 Size comparison

kuaimen wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

Thanks, Harj! The E-M1 looks like an E-5xx put on a diet: about the same width but much less girth. A great successor in this size range, but now with pro-build.

Thanks also, Riley. Your post really helps compare my E-M5 to the E-M1 and looks about right to my eye as well.

Both great looking cameras (E-M5 and E-M1), and if the E-M1 AF's 4/3's lenses as well as 4/3's bodies have in the past, it really opens up some new doors, especially when combined with the fast mFT primes.

Now if only the price came in a bit lower, $1500 being a stretch to me, but we'll see, all rumors so far.

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Sailin' Steve

I am out if it is $1500 - it's not a good deal considering the 6D etc 35mm ff cameras are going so cheap now (and cheaper still next round), with a 24-105L I guess that's pretty damn good kit for anyone who does not need to make a living out of taking pictures full time. Size? With the lenses attached practically there is not as much (but certainly some) difference as there is on paper.

Olympus need to price it aggressively, at $1200, to attract lots of (hopefully) buyers in 4/3, m4/3 camps or consumers in other camps.

Singing to the choir, there. But...if it has E-x build quality (which, good as it is, the E-M5 does not) and does everything the E-5 does and more, could its price not reflect this? Are we (myself included) penalizing it because Olympus managed to pull off making it smaller but still very usable with 4/3's lenses?

In a month or two we'll know if it lives up to the rumors. If it does, the price will likely hold (as has the E-M5 and E-5 prices).

But if it either doesn't live up to expectations or gets a serious run at by the competition, it's price will fall. I also recall Sony is coming out with a new sensor/AF technology next Spring that will allow them to drop their SLT line in favor of NEX bodies that can track action and AF all their lenses well.

Times they are a changing.  And it's a good thing Olympus has hitched their wagon to Sony.

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Sailin' Steve

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