Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

klavrack wrote:

Don't let the patriots get you down, claiming that Pentax's quality control is no worse than other manufacturers. If you own Pentax, all that is relevant to you is Pentax's quality control--and it has been pretty bad in the digital age.


You make this this kind of statement on many Pentax threads...I've asked you whether you have any objective basis for suggesting that P's QC is worse than other manufacturers, which you don't, only that your own equipment had problems. The fair response is, "My own experience has also been bad, but I do not know whether it's more likely with Pentax than others." As "patriots" (an obvious pejorative) here have been free to note, there have been other reports of lens button failures. Are Pentax cameras and lenses generally more often faulty than Canikons? I don't know, nor do you. The absence of objective data means that I shouldn't claim that P is better than others and that you should not claim that it's worse. A quick visit to 1-star reviews of any camera on Amazon or B & H will show some awful experiences with it, and a sampling of other brand forums will do the same. The closest I've seen to statistically significant info comes from places like lensrentals.com, and whenever they're quoted, everyone immediately jumps on their favorite "brandwagon" anyway. I agree that folks need to choose largely based on their own gut feeling--it just seems to me that you portray your own experience as broadly indicative of the QC of the brand, and discount others' equally-valid experience as denial of reality.

Please read my statement more carefully. You will note that I did not claim the things you say I did.

Other manufacturers' problems are no concern of mine, nor are they a defense for Pentax's failures. As has been pointed out, you are just giving Pentax cover to continue its sloppy ways.


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