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Re: Do you really have to RAW??

@Alan-S, don't get upset I respect Friedman as much as you do,

Page 519

that if you know what you’re doing and take the same care to keep your light right and exposure and color balance set properly for the situation as you did for slides, your final print from in-camera .jpg’s will look just as good as shooting with RAW and post-processing, only it will take significantly less time.

Page 532 the tip

Page 185 "true story' about the Nat Geo and DRO

Mike credits the DRO feature for making the shadows look exactly how his eye sees them, and he tells his staff to“ make the RAW files look just like the .jpg”. On several occasions the staff complained, “We can’t!”.

Important here is what the man asks, “ make the RAW files look just like the .jpg”

So please don't say it's 100 % fabricated, it's written in the book. It's a conclusion about Raw and Jpeg, not how I use them both.

Also it's important to keep in mind certain camera settings aren't usable when using RAW, thus making it sometimes harder to correct an 'error' manually.

Read also page 534 at the end

and the start of 535

He definitely says "the benefits of RAW in that scenario are not compelling."

PLUS the following issues.

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