The famous "which camera" question: Pentax K-50 or Samsung NX300.

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Re: The famous "Chalk and Cheese" reply.

peevee1 wrote:

GustavoGoulart wrote:

Ideed. I know they are very different cameras, but I strongly disagree about having to decide if it should be DSLR or Mirroless, I´m really not seeking for the DSLR vs Mirrorless answer. I need something that attend to my expectations. A good camera being DSLR or Mirrorless. My needs are simple, good raw material to edit, good video to edit, sharpness and good colors. I would prefer something more portable, but don´t want to loose much quality over portability. It seems , by some shots I´ve seem, that NX300 doesnt loose quality compared to the PENTAX referred here. Sorry, but they are not Chalk and Cheese, just Cheese, and there´s plenty of different shapes and flavours of cheese, but by the end of the day, they are all cheese. I disagree in a good way, not trying to be harsh here, just making a point.

You are right, camera is camera, choose what you need from it.

The main differences are:

1) k-30 (k-50 is the same thing with a little different body style and color choices) has good optical viewfinder, NX300 does not have any and you will always have to shoot using its rear screen, like on a phone (tilting on NX300 for extra convenience in some situations) - but on the other hand, shooting with rear screen on Pentax is almost impossible unless you use manual focus (which is made easier with focus peaking though) - AF with rear screen is too slow.

2) k-30, when equipped with a proper lens (marked WR or DA*) is dust and rain protected, NX300 is not

3) k-30 has proper 2 control dials making shooting easier in Av, Tv or M modes and the Pentax-specific TAv mode (same thing as M with AutoISO on other cameras).

4) Pentax has much wider choice of lenses, both Pentax-branded and 3rd party. Recently Pentax raised prices of their lenses beyond reasonable, but you can find used or 3rd party at good prices (like Tamron 17-50/2.8 zoom for $500).

5) And Pentax stabilizes all its lenses with IBIS, although you would not see it in viewfinder unfortunately (IBIS works better with mirrorless and EVFs). For Samsung, only a few (out of the few existing) of lenses are stabilized.

6) NX300 has WiFi - but transferring pictures and videos using SD card is much faster anyway and does not discharge the battery on your camera.

7) NX300 with lenses is a little lighter than Pentax with equal lenses.

Image quality is close enough that without special software you would not notice the difference in RAW, in JPEG Pentax is doing better in my humble opinion.

Basically, if you want to go beyond auto shooting and kit lenses, choose Pentax, otherwise, see whether you prefer to use rear screen or viewfinder. And if you prefer rear screen, there are much better choices than Samsung and even cheaper - see Olympus E-PL5/6 and NEX-5r.

I´m Reading about the E-PL5, thanks for the tip. When reading about Olympus I focused on O-MD, but its too expensive for me now, never thought about lower models. Thanks

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