NEX C3 vs NEX 3N

Started Aug 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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I try 3N - disappointed, feel Cheap, Halo, with really bad LCD

ionutradulescu wrote:  this is the question. i have the C3 and i want the 3N.

I have a C3 and wanted a camera with a build-in flash as I find flash attachment annoying.  I went to camera store to but walk away very disappointed:

1. 3N LCD is horrible - not just in low resolution, but in brightness as well.  It is also very NOISY, tend to show mosquitos dots everywhere.  It reminds me of early 2001 plasma tv with poor resolution and obvious screen-door effect

2. "Single Hinge" LCD = NO Tilt down.  Older NEX 5n/5r/c3 have "double hinge" allowing it to tilt up or down.  The 3N gone cheap with just a single hinge.  Thus, you can only flip it up 180 degrees, but not down anymore.

3. Metal Grip feel cheap + slippy - doesn't hold it as well as C3

4. Thick Like a BRICK.  I dislike the Brick-Like design of nex-6, 7, and 3N.  3N is hands-on feel like a brick, its doesn't have the tiny small feel of c3 and 5n, 5r

Anyhow, sorry to throw cold water on you, but I walk away rather disappointed with 3N.  There was too much cost-cutting resulting in a camera that feel rather cheap as well.  Where as the Nex 5R (next to 3N) feel very nice.  Its LCD is superb, has soft rubber grip = feel high class, and is very small (no brick like design).

I would strongly encourage you to try it out in person (don't take anyone's word for it, including mine).  To me, 3N is a downgrade from C3.  NEX-5n/5r/5t are the better upgrade.

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