RAW Troublemaker Again

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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

VirtualMirage wrote:

... Film negatives don't look print ready out of the camera, why expect RAWs to? Even the prints didn't come from the negatives untouched. Either a computer or person added saturation, contrast, etc. People forget this, choosing to ignore the "man behind the curtain".

For some of us back in the film days, negatives were irrelevant and the only man behind the curtain was a precise, consistent chemical process. That would be either 35mm transparency development (and an operator who hopefully knew what he was doing) or instant cameras. Those approaches produced a fully baked image with little if any forgiveness. Shooting JPEGs today is very similar and familiar, except that JPEGs allow infinitely more leeway with post-processing tools. It's a different philosophy from shooting RAW, but it's fully valid for those who like it.

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