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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

New social rule: Never discuss religion, politics, or RAW vs JPG.

Hi Gary

The issue here is that you don't seem to know quite how the RAW format works, and you make statements about RAW vs JPG that are wrong because of it.

A RAW file can always give you equal or better image quality than a JPG file, if you process it correctly.

The reason the JPG looked better in your example was that you did absolutely no processing on the RAW file, but the JPG file had processing applied by the camera to make it look better. With the RAW file you can always repeat that processing at a later time and get equal or better results.

The RAW file is exactly what the name implies, the raw sensor data straight from the sensor with no contrast/coloring/effects applied. The JPG file is based on the raw data, but applies some effects in camera to make it look better and compresses it to reduce the file size. Because of the camera applied effects the JPG will often look better straight out of the camera, but because of the compression and the applied effects you will have a lot less flexibility in editing the image.

I hope this didn't come across as too rash. I am not trying to claim that shooting RAW is right for everyone, we all have different shooting styles and preferences, I am just trying to clarify the difference between the formats

Kindest regards


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