The famous "which camera" question: Pentax K-50 or Samsung NX300.

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Re: The famous "Chalk and Cheese" reply.

yardcoyote wrote:

Pentax image stabilization is in the camera body, not the lenses. So all your shots are stabilized, including the ones you make with vintage, legacy or just plain "old" manual lenses. That's another huge benefit of choosing the Pentax-- there's a lot of wonderful old glass out there at moderate prices and the Pentax DSLRs make it quite easy to use. No adapter required to use an old lens-- it just mounts right up.

If you haven't guessed, I was faced with a similar dilemma to the faced by the OP. I bought a K-30. Granted, part of that reason was that quite a bit of that old Pentax glass is in my own photo cabinet at no cost at all, but even if I hadn't had that resource available I think I still would have made the same choice. The manual controls, weather resistance, in body stabilization, and above all that big, bright optical viewfinder tilted the scales in a pretty definitive way.

Thanks for your reply. What about the video quality, is it that bad as people say? I need to make "serious" bright and sharp movies of my growing daughter :-). I want to know about quality, not easiness of use, my main concern is quality. I saw some complains about compression artifacts, isn´t it something that could be fixed by firmware?

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