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Re: Do you really have to RAW??

RichV wrote:

 it's more about the statement that JPEG produces a better quality output than RAW can ("gee - I can't make this RAW look nearly as good as the OOC JPEG, so JPEG MUST be superior").


Rich, I think it's quite the opposite.

I don't think anyone said a JPEG file is BETTER than a raw file, I think the point here is that a JPEG file 'could' be as good as a raw file. Very different arguments. Like you said earlier, if someone's skill set is low processing raw files, then by all means to that person the JPEG will be superior. To someone who knows what they are doing, has the proper tools the results can and perhaps exceed the in camera JPEG. But in the end, even to pixel peepers, just how different are they? And what's the intended use? No one will notice the difference (assume processed to look basically the same- color wise, etc, not a different image look) on a print under 11x14 with today's JPEGs.

To blindly shoot raw because it's "better" and then try to convince me why (and almost insult me in the process) the mindset I find so distasteful. Makes no sense. The ultimate use should govern the type of file format to shoot. Getting paid $25,000 for an image requested by an NYC advertising firm's art director (I'm sure all the posters here are hired for this type of work) ...well you better shoot raw! Shooting an image to post on the forums, email people, put on your Facebook page, your Flickr albums etc....please - no need for RAW! (IMHO).

There is a fellow who shoot time-lapse video here on the forums and he shoots them in RAW. Thousands of frames! Claims he can edit them better. Really makes me wonder when the final resolution is at best 1080! And then post it to YouTube and watch how they compress the crap put of your best work! Really!!! That's what I call just plain not understanding compression. Shoot a time-lapse for Imax at 4K, you have a case there!

Anyway.................off to shoot some raw files of some cool cars tomorrow (but I'll use the jpeg's that will be on the other card...love my a99).

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