Did you used to take better photos with a point and shoot?

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Did you used to take better photos with a point and shoot?

My last film SLR was a Nikon F5. I sold it just in time to actually make all my money back. But at the same time, I owned a little Fuji compact that took fabulous pictures for it's size. It was a joint custody situation where they split my time and often argued for my attention. But I did notice that for a while, my shots from the F5, while technically very nice, were often lacking in artistic expression. They were often poorly composed and poorly conceived. So I set out to understand this phenomenon and I discovered some things:

1) When I had the Fuji with me, it was often in places where there were better subjects. IE, I had it in my pocket at all times, so if a great shot presented itself, I was there.

2) The Fuji didn't have much information in the viewfinder - perhaps none, I don't remember. There was no lens cap, you just turned it one and started shooting. There were a few controls and a somewhat limited zoom range.

3) The F5 was a clever seductress, constantly presenting me with all manner of options for aperture vs. shutter vs. program vs. bracketing vs. this and that. There was an endless buffet of knobs and dials to fiddle with.

4) The Fuji had one lens, built in. It was a 28-70 2.8 or something like that. It was a sharp contrasty lens with great color rendition. The lens collapsed and was concealed under a metal cover when I turned off the camera.

5) The F5 was through the lens viewing and I carried a variety of lenses. This was yet another delectable thing I cherished - my collection of lenses. I could choose from a variety of weapons to tackle a given situation. This too was a constant decision point.

After the F5 came a few and various enthusiast zooms while i waited for a reasonably priced FX Nikon to come out. I made good images with them - even sold a few and won an award or two. Then came the D600 and the cycle threatened to start over. But this time, I knew what it was that made the difference.

I'm sure you're onto me by now. What was it that made my point and shoot images better?

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