I want medium format!

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Re: I want medium format!

stevo23 wrote:

So here's my proposal:

Medium format camera in Fuji X series form factor only bigger.

80 Mp sensor

Optical rangefinder with split screen manual focus

Just the basics - no fancy scene modes or any of that useless stuff. Just simple, high DR, high resolution images.

Come on! Why not?

Sounds great! Now which kidney are you selling?

I've said this before (even though it's a gross oversimplification), for most shooting it's really hard to see a difference between my d800 and my leica s2. Those differences become apparent when the situation benefits the s2 of course, but for me, that's exclusively indoors in controlled lighting.

Anyway, medium format film is great and cheap if you shop with your head and not your heart (yes, that hassy is really sexy but that japanese thingy is probably better). Of course the pentax 645 is all the rage now with hipsters so skip that one

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