RAW Troublemaker Again

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Re: So the next time,

Chet Meyerson wrote:

That's a pretty brazen assumption. And how do you know the skills or the software available to any given person who posts on this board that doesn't agree with your assessment of RAW?

That's simple really: The proof is in the pudding

The truth is, based on the nature of RAW, there is no questioning the inherent superiority of RAW over OOC images. To which I'd add, when this isn't the case, then the issue is never with RAW, but rather; the processor or the editor.

That is of course, overlooking the benefits of OOC JPG insofar as convenience and/or other convenience that may arise from it's uses from an end user perspective. ie. If JPG is sufficient to get the job done, then why would anyone shoot RAW?

In a nutshell

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