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Re: Do you really have to RAW??

Chet Meyerson wrote:

Indeed he does! But no one who is so in love the RAW files and THINK they are god answer to bad photography (we can save anything in raw...this group) will read that and even begin to understand it. They will argue forever and ever about the ills of JPEG and how in camera processing is not destroying the photographic image!

This is more amusing that watching monkeys at the zoo....reading the comments here!

"Ills" exist only in the mind of the viewer. A fine art photographer is probably going to shoot RAW and work from there - and I hope that in your eyes this makes sense. Personally I've got no issues with JPEG's as long as they fit the application. If someone's paying me for a portrait I'll use RAW; if I want to take creative license with a scene I'll shoot RAW. If I'm just doing snapshots I'll most likely use RAW+JPEG.

I don't think the upset, here, is about shooting JPEG - it's more about the statement that JPEG produces a better quality output than RAW can ("gee - I can't make this RAW look nearly as good as the OOC JPEG, so JPEG MUST be superior").  The community would respond to any similar photographic misconceptions (e.g. regarding aperture, ISO, etc.) as well.

As an exercise I downloaded the full-size JPEG Gary posted of the building and the traffic light. But it was already "JPEG'd" so there wasn't a lot I could do with it. Gary's comment was about sharpness, and at a 100% view (which is a minimum you'd use when sharpening) it's smeared; once you've lost detail you can't get it back.

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