Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

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Re: Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

dale thorn wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

dale thorn wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

That's a lot of $$$$$ to take pictures of parking lots.

Just sayin.

Thanks for posting.

It is a lot of $$$, and it was a real concern, to be sure it would deliver the goods. But having seen the results and how much they look like medium format photos I have from the 1970s, no worries. The image only has to look good aesthetically - the content or subject is mostly irrelevant. I do envy people who have taken on meaningful tasks with their cameras - something besides creating simple art - but I don't have any such tasks in my sights at this time.

You could have achieved a more aesthetic photo with less relevant content with an iphone and any number of apps. I like scratch cam and snapseed. Have you tried them?

I could hire a maid a lot cheaper than having a wife, if that's what you mean. But no.

so what am I missing? the original poster says already its not a great image but he thinks it shows the detail and how well or not his new lens is working. Instead of commenting on the lens performance you guys are all beating on him for showing a banal image. get over it at address your comments to his intention, which is how well is the lens performing and save the heavy handed critique for more appropriate places.

ps although I attached my statement to this post its a general statement about the tone this thread has taken and should not be taken as in anyway singling out any one

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