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Re: So the next time,

saschamagus wrote:

so to prove your point, you are comparing a raw processed with Sony's programme and compare it to a jpg that you have additionally sharpened to make a valid comparison??

Not quite. I explained in the actual post you are talking about, but here goes again: I opened the image in IDC because someone said that it does the same initial processing that the camera does, hence we start out with the lens correction and a pretty good job of everything else - right? But there are some additional controls that might improve it even more, so I took a look. It had some sharpening, so I sharpened. Had to go to 100% to see much difference. Took a look at the noise reduction, in case that was interfering. It was at 50% in the default, so I took it back down to zero to see how it interracted with sharpening, but not much difference except I could see some luma noise in the sky, so I put it back again.

Then I opened up the JPG from the camera in Photoshop, did my usual sharpening to compare that with the RAW (IDC) sharpening program, and was gobsmacked by the improvement! The JPG was so much better on this already good image, I just had to post it for you to see.

So, again, we are comparing an image sharpened in IDC to one sharpened in Photoshop. The point was that I couldn't get it any better in IDC. I may try LR 3.6 next, but here is the full image:

Full JPG Image

I wish I could post the full RAW image for you experts to show me how it is done.

You are really disqualifying yourself, sorry to say...

So be it. Wasn't trying to start a fight, just relate a recent adventure with my processing. Maybe I have a lot to learn, and I did learn something in this thread, if it is true that IDC does most of the same processing that the camera does. But then that leaves Lightroom out, doesn't it? And I couldn't see what the bit depth was in IDC. Does it keep it at 16?

Just tried the RAW processing in PS Elements 11 and got much better results on the sharpness, but I see some noise that I still need to work on:

100% crop of RAW processed image

Well, better, but still not as good as the camera processed JPG.

I know, I need to learn all these RAW programs, but why do they all need to have different esoteric controls, all named differently? You go into any of the Photoshop or Elements and you know what they are talking about, even if the controls are in different positions.

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