Rate my rusty photochopping skills

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Re: Rate my rusty photochopping skills

Peano wrote:

Joe0Bloggs wrote:

2. Blended the two exposures by halving each layer's output level and setting the upper layer's blending mode to linear dodge (add).

Might work better to leave both exposures in normal mode. Put a black mask on the top (darker) exposure and paint it back in to subdue the bright background. I would also crop out that muddy looking "sky" ceiling and bring more attention to the subject.

Nice Job! This IMHO is a much better pic of the subject than the rest and a very good starting point. The original pics were just to busy for me. TMI I guess. The only thing I would do with this pic is maybe lighten up the background and blend the highlights. This sort of looks like a pop up flash was used. easily corrected though. Again nice pic.

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