NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

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Re: NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

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What is really nice is that the RX1R works as either a standalone/day carry camera, or as a second body with the missing 35mm prime in the A99 bag.

And as a very capable low-light (and practically no-light) data recorder -- filling another gap in the Sony FF line-up.

Cannot fathom the decision to leave SSS out, though. One of the engineers is quoted as saying SSS degrades the IQ, so they left it out as they wanted the highest possible IQ.

By SSS, do you mean image stability? If so, it is available in video mode on the RX1. Until recently you would never find a wider angle lens with image stability because generally, you never need it. Also, with the clean high ISO images with this camera, you further don't need it.

I can't tell you how many times I've forgot to turn off image stability on one of my NEX lenses while using a tripod only to find a fine blur in all my images after a shoot. I am very glad they did not put it in the RX1 as I see it as a crutch with compromises if one truly seeks the absolute best IQ.

SSS is "Super Steady Shot" -- Sony's name for in-body image stabilization.

I use my cameras both in the studio (almost always on a tripod), and in the field.  SSS is, to me, a very useful tool.  It gives me 2-3 stops more range in exposure duration.

The a850/a900 has a switch on the back of camera to turn SSS on/off.  Easy to use; well implemented.  (I don't know how it is implemented in the NEX system).  I turn it off when I mount the camera on a tripod.  I turn it on when I take the camera off.

It is hardly a "crutch" -- any more than mirror lock-up or auto-focus are crutches.

The RX1/R is widely cited as being good for "street" photography.  IBIS would make the camera even more suitable for this application (regardless of lens focal length).  IME, it would make the difference between blurred-and-not-usable recordings, and not-blurred-and-usable recordings.  That is a big, and valuable, difference.

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