EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: They were focused on the wrong competition.

The "problem" with the M was that Canon waited so long to get into the game in this category that when they finally got there it was underwhelming.  It was a real problem with heightened expectations and a perceived underwhelming reality.  Now Canon did themselves no favors with the original AF speed, especially when you consider what the camera is capable of as shows by the latest firmware. Not to mention the original sky high price.  To me, those were their biggest mistakes.  And once the ball get rolling on the internet, it is so very hard to stop.

Still, the latest firmware, coupled with the fire sale prices has made this camera a viable system, at least for someone like me.  I came from mostly point and shoot experience (and mostly Canon at that), so the AF speed is not a big deal.  I have trained myself over ten years of P&S focus systems to anticipate as much as possible and to use the multiple exposure option.  But I will admit I am not a sports shooter, or an airshow shooter, etc.  I mostly take pictures of my family, landscapes and national parks.  For me, the size, or lack thereof, is a great camera to have.


  • Camera size and weight - Great for travel and backpacking
  • Camera resolution -- A canon Rebel sensor in a slightly larger than S100 body
  • Lenses -- 18-55mm a great travel lens.  Photos look nice as well.  22mm a nice option to carry around when needing something smaller.
  • Screen -- Bright.  Touchscreen easy to use after you give it time.  So give it time!  Handy to get to menu options.
  • Price --  Hard to beat a $350 or so price for an APC sensor compact and an 18-55mm lens.


  • Lenses  --  Only two available (@ least in US).  I'll probably end up buying the 11-22mm from a Canadian seller here this fall.  I would like a good telephoto with longer range than the 18-55mm.  I get by with a Canon EF-S adapter and the 55-250mm lens.
  • Screen --  The touchscreen is so sensitive you can make it change by accident while carrying it around.  I'm used to it and I just check prior to a shoot,and it will beep when changed.  This would be a hard one to fix.
  • Price --  Original price was a killer for it. New price is amazing but cannot be sustainable for a camera this good.  I guess it gets people into a system, which it has for me.

Those are just the highlights for me at least.  At the end of the day, get a camera you like and will use.  If you don't like it, it will just set there and not get you doing what you want which is to take photographs.  And with the M you can take great photographs.  Just look on this forum to see the proof.  Don't listen to the absolutists when reading reviews.  Very few things are black and white when it comes to cameras and this fun hobby of photography.

As for me, I'll be keeping the M and using it.  Lots!

Best Regards

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