The famous "which camera" question: Pentax K-50 or Samsung NX300.

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Re: The famous "which camera" question: Pentax K-50 or Samsung NX300.

Confused of Malvern wrote:

The reason the 'which camera?' is such a perennial question is because there is no right answer to it, just as there is no wrong camera.

It's natural to agonise over these questions but that doesn't make it any less fruitless. The more important thing is to just buy a camera - almost any camera - and start to enjoy taking photos. The best camera for you will be the one you'll most enjoy using so, if you are drawn to the Samsung, buy that and have fun.

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Confused of Malvern
'The greatest fool can ask more than the wisest man can answer'

Thank you for ou answer.

I´m very adaptable to the way any camera must be used, I really dont mind confuse menus, buttons in odd positions, I care more about the results. Of course I don´t want a PRO giant camera result, but in the class I can afford I sure want the best possible. I have a Knonia/Minolta that came along with me for about 8 years, I´m that guy that stick with my choice until the end lol, I dont sell my camera for a new model, I´ll probably buy another, when this K30 or NX300 dies lol...that´s why for me is so iportant to me to be sure about my choice.


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