A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

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Re: A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

ottonis wrote:

quezra wrote:

So tell me, which system has what you're looking for?

Is the Panasonic 12-35 small enough for you?

The Panasonic 1235 f/2.8 is definitely a gorgous zoom lens, but I understand that it is for M43 systems only. Personally, I am not much interested into M43 as I do already possess a Nex 5N and am really really loving it for its IQ and low light capabilities.

I know that it is physically impossible to make a small sized and bright lens for a large sensor, but I would have happily traded a slightly larger size of the Zeiss2470 f/4 for a one-stop faster aperture. Then it would have been indeed my dream lens and I wouldn't mind the money.

OK, playing devil's advocate here. Disclaimer: I own and use both systems, m43 and NEX. And I bought my NEX specifically because the bodies were so small.

You write: "as I do already possess a Nex 5N and am really really loving it for its IQ and low light capabilities." In fact, the low-light capabilities and IQ of the NEX and m43 systems (most recent Sony sensor) are nearly identical. Don't just believe me (who shoots with a 5N and OMD), check out the comparisons on this site. And of course the low-light capabilities of a system depend largely on the lenses, for which m43 has many more choices, including fast ones.

All I'm saying is don't be afraid to adopt a second system if it can provide you what you want.

The 12-35mm f/2.8 seems like it's exactly what you want, although it's pretty pricey. Couple it with a tiny m43 body like an Olympus E-PM2 (same weight, nearly same size as a NEX-5N) and you have a relatively tiny sheet shooter.

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