Did change to full-frame change your techniques?

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Re: Did change to full-frame change your techniques?

As an old schooler coming from the age of manual focus I had to get used to APS-C DSLR's. If I wanted to get a small DOF I had to learn to use different lenses and different settings.

When I started using full frame I could rely on my old skills again and the fact that a 35 mm lens really is a 35 mm lens again. I realize that for contemporary photographers that never used full frame before, this 'switch' is quite different. For them it is a natural thing that a 35 mm lens is actually a kind of 'standard' 55 mm lens on APS-C, while for me it is the ideal reporters lens.

I don't know where you stand and where you come from (photography-wise), but I would say that you definitely need a bit of let's say adaptation of technique when switching sensor sizes.


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