Is 50% of a great photograph post processing skill ?? Locked

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Is 50% of a great photograph post processing skill ??

I have seen some really nice images that will probably never be liked because they were not PP at all or very little. The great images I see today have punch and depth and clarity. It has taken me over a year of hard studying and reading and watching videos to learn CS6 in depth. I am not a great photographer, I have been learning my D800 for a year also, but every photograph of mine that I like did not come alive until PP. There is still a lot more for me to learn about CS6. I consider CS6 to be a larger tool than the D800. To add to this, there are times during PP I found a look/feel inside an image that I did not see previously, a testiment to my need to improve my photography skills. Learning PP in depth has also given me a little more insight as I look through the viewfinder.

What is the chance of an image straight from the camera, having what it takes to be amazing ?? Is a photographer better off buying a few more pixels and that stellar lens or purchasing a better computer, editing software, and spending a year becoming a great editor ??

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