My E-M5 has to go, which alternatives?

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Timur Born
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My E-M5 has to go, which alternatives?

Hello everyone! I am running into too many subjective limits with the E-M5 and will likely exchange it for something else and maybe even have to leave behind M43. This thread is about collecting advice and opinions about my options. I will put this in several posts, so for anyone feeling TLDR, just ignore this thread.

So what is subjectively (!) wrong with the E-M5? In one long sentence: It's too big, it's too small, it's unergonomic, I don't like its viewfinder, it does not achieve what I need and it does not help me (enough) to overcome shortcomings of my photographic skills.

When I originally bought the Fujifilm X10 I wanted good enough image quality and control over the image in a package that I would not regularly leave at home due to size and weight. I quickly noticed that I would need bounce flash indoors and that the lack of any tilt/swivel screen was limiting me in shooting my kids from awkward angles. I also felt that I would need a bigger sensor and possibly faster lenses for stopping down my kids' actions at higher ISO and blurring out more of the very busy backgrounds indoors. Furthermore I could use a wider selection of focal lengths to either being able to zoom in closer (without cropping from an already smallish sensor) or to zoom out without running into furniture and walls.

So I went from X10 to E-M5 to get all these things and on top of that get 100% EVF with live preview, a better selection of flashes and hopefully even a better product support than what Fujifilm insulted me with. Back then I wrote a quite detailed thread about my experience, where I tried to fairly compare the two systems and even found quite a number of drawbacks on the E-M5 compared to the "lesser" X10. Because I knew that investing in a complete system would mean to shell out quite a bit of money I did not invest too much too fast. The result is that I only own the E-M5 + 12-50 kit, a spare 3rd party battery, a 45/1.8 + step up lens hood, a couple of 52 mm filters and a FL-600R flash.

In the next posts I one by one go through my above list of subjective E-M5 shortcomings.

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