Getting very frustrated...why are my pics not sharp?

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Re: Getting very frustrated...why are my pics not sharp?

Lexipixel wrote:

cnw180 wrote:

Quite a lot been discussed on this thread, so i'll not offer any more suggestions! I will however post a picture I took with my nifty fifty, which I feel is sharper than the OP's photos. Hopefully it's helpful as its the same camera/lens setup too.

I took a picture of my daughter, with a very shallow dof, so the dog she was holding is not in focus, but my daughters face and eyes are.

It's the first chance I've had to take a few studio shots with my 650d too... I processed the pictures in lightroom and they're not perfect as I processed them rather quickly on my netbook with tiny 11 inch screen!!

I love the style of this photo and how you've focused on the child's face. Looks like you've added a tint, sepia maybe? I'm a novice but it looks great.

Thanks for the nice comments!! I think with this picture I just de-saturated it and added a fake vingette! The nifty fifty is such a good lens for portraits and cost me only £80 new!!

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