Phuket Thailand, "must see"?

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Re: Phuket Thailand, "must see"?

AuroraProject08 wrote:

Good stuff! We are staying on Kata Beach, and we have an itinerary full of touristy stuff to do, but have 3 days with nothing scheduled, hence the request. I can't seem to find any place called Sunset Point though.

Tourists call it Sunset Point because they can't remember the proper name, which is Phromthep or Promthep actually properly spelled พรหมเทพ and is in this vicinity:,98.305038&num=1&t=h&z=16. At sunset time you'll find busloads of tourists brought there to take a picture of the sunset.

This is about a 10 to 15 minute motorcycle ride away from Kata Beach, which isn't too bad a beach for the more developed ones - Kata Noi (Little Kata) is even a little smaller and maybe a little better.

Everyone, even my family, does some "touristy stuff" on their first trip to Thailand; just realize what is staged for you to see isn't the "real" Thailand and my suggestions are provided to at least give you a chance to see something real. The street view Google Map link I provided in my last post can provide some of the feel of actually walking along the road through the "Turtle Beach" national park if you proceed west toward the beach from the massage parlour belonging to my friend, Daeng.

Others have commented on renting cars and motorcycles in Phuket, and their suggestions are good ones: 1) you'll be more independent to do what you want to do and see what you want to see but 2) driving isn't particularly safe for you, especially as you aren't used to the way people drive in Thailand, aren't used to driving on the left hand side, and will find it driving on some of the main roads quite a strain with all of the traffic. There are also liability issues as you may be found responsible for every bit of damage and loss for the vehicle. That said, many have found renting vehicles to get around to be part of the experience and have managed the risk. If you do rent a motorcycle, rent one of the scooters with an automatic transmission (no gear changes) as many don't have the skill to manage gears as well as the traffic challenges.

I don't know what to tell you to go to see with a spare three days; the pearl farms on the other side of the island are somewhat interesting as is tracing information about the old tin mining industry, or one might just take a leisurely drive north to the newer beaches north of Patong all the way up to the airport, stopping to look, take pictures and eat.  Another thing that was quite worth the time was the Phuket Aquarium if it is still open which is on the way to Phuket town; we drove there ourselves, it isn't all that touristy as it is where Thais take their families, and it was incredibly inexpensive once you get there - something like a dollar a person.

As I mentioned, one of my favourite things in Thailand is getting an ancient massage, which is incredibly cheap when one goes to a proper massage parlour and gets a proper local price - about $7 an hour with a two hour "set" the standard period of time. You should know that the people that give quick massages on the beach are very expensive and often not particularly skilled, without their proper certification as properly trained masseuses, whereas most proper ancient massage parlours will have certified masseuses. There are two Thai words you need to learn when having a massage: bow (as in bow wow) spelled เบ่า meaning softly as opposed to "nuk" or หนัก meaning hard or heavy, as Thai masseuse ladies usually come from farms where they work with their hands and are very strong.

Anyway, have fun and be safe.

Regards, GordonBGood

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