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Unfortunately, I have to agree with the poster above. I have lived in Thailand for almost 15 years, and while I love it here, Phuket is not a place I ever want to go again. In recent years it has gotten significantly worse. The authorities will do nothing about it because they are a main part of the problem.

The Thai police are called the largest criminal organization in Thailand.

Instead of Phuket, if you want an island holiday that is relaxing, may I suggest Koh Chang (near Trat) or Koh Lanta (near Krabi, and just south of Phuket). This is off season so both those islands will be quiet and you should be able to find good accomodation for under $50/night.

Alternatively, lots to do and see in Bangkok (I live on Asoke). If you like temples, ruins and history, there is Ayutthaya and or Sukhothai. Or Chiang Mei for the mountains.

How about a cruise on the Chao Phraya river on a converted rice barge? There are dinner cruises, day cruises and a 3 day 2 night trip to Ayutthaya on the river.

I would also think twice about renting anything along the lines of a car or motorbike. The roads here are VERY dangerous, as there are virtually zero traffic laws (well none are enforced anyway) and enforcement is highly selective (remember corrupt cops looking to score a shakedown). Plus, if anything were to happen, you are likely to be found at fault.

Not trying to put a damper on your honeymoon, but eyes wide open is better than getting a nasty shock.

By the way, Thai food is wonderful.

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between Koh Chang and Koh lanta I liked Koh Lanta better. but thats just me. I still like Phuket but it does have problems especially with the tuktuk drivers, fortunately when I am there my friend drives me around and that makes a huge difference.

but for a honeymoon you will be fine in Phuket after all its really more about getting married than anything else. If Phuket is to fernetic there is the shore above the Island which was devistated in the tsunami but is alll up and running  these days. Kaho Lak is the name of the resort area

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