I want medium format!

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For many years, my prime camera was a Rollei TLR which produced great photos.  Recently I saw some photos taken with a Pentax 645 and they were beautiful.  So I investigated the cost of the camera, the lens, the weight, etc.  I believe that the 645 would take better photos than a FF (and surely from my 4/3 mirrorless camera), but at what cost $, weight, bulk, necessity of a tripod most of the time etc.

I go back to when I bought my almost pocket camera.  I wanted a Sony RX100 which at the time cost approx $650 at the time. A Panasonic LX7 cost $299.  I figured the RX100 with 20mp and 1" sensor would result in better IQ with twice the resolution than an LX7, but was it more than twice as good?  My answer was no so I purchased the LX7 for $299 and has been happy with the result.

The question is at $10,000 for a 645 body, is it 5 times better than a small (sic) Nikon or Canon FF. I am pretty sure that it is not five times better. Bottom line I won't purchase a 645 body.  But that is me.  Others will want the 645 or other medium format digital because they want to optimize IQ and ability to crop a high resolution image.  I respect that others have different goals and means and that is why some people buy sports cars, while others buy convertibles, sedans, luxury cars, vans, etc.

If you have the means and desire, get the medium format camera.  Be sure to post some of your best photos so I can say "Wow, I wish I owned one of those."

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