Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Locking is easy. If it wonders, you probably are set on iAuto or face recognition. Smaller size is possible by magnifying the view and then back (see advises here on this forum).

You just proved to me that you have no clue of what you're talking about.

When setting a small box in the E-M5, it wanders all over the place with the press of the 4 way arrow.

"Wanders with a press"? It means it does not "wander", but you can move it if you want. "4 way arrow"? What it even means? You mean 4 directional buttons perhaps? If you do not want them to control focus point directly, disable it, and to control the focus point location you will have to press the left button, and other buttons will mean other, more useful things.

There's no way to lock it, and it has nothing to do with iAuto or face recognition.

It wanders by itself in face recognition and iAuto (because it uses face recognition by default). In other cases you control it - do not want it to change position, do not. Obviously, in C-AF+TR it tries to track focus too after acquiring it first on half-press or AF-L if so configured - tries badly, does not succeed very often unfortunately, making the whole feature pretty useless.

I am planning on getting the $1500 E-M1, regardless of the fact that it makes you jealous.

Sheesh, you are really small there.

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