Two new lenses in 2013 (16-80mm f3,5-4,5 & 16-50mm f2.8)

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Re: Two new lenses in 2013 (16-80mm f3,5-4,5 & 16-50mm f2.8)

northlondon43 wrote:

For what's its worth, here's another link stating that the 16-80 will be out soon along with version 2 of the 30mm lens plus a new 12mm f/2 Samyang lens with NX mount


Thats good news to all of us, the Samsung NX camera system users.

The 30mm pancake finally have an update version come with very useful iFn button. It add extra value to own one now. Thanks for the link Adrian.

On the other hand, Samyang 12mm F2 going be way too big for Samsung CSC camera, and it's much heavier too at 571g.

Unless the optic of it is something really breaking some ice (and I am seriously doubting that as I've saw no optical miracle over the last 30 years), over Samsung very own pancake lens on the edge performance, Samyang might have hard time selling it to Samsung NX camera users.

But it will be a more balance and appropriate lens if mounting it on bulkier Canon and Nikon DSLR that having longer flange focal distance.

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