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You're just being obtuse ...

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Olympus is doing so badly here in the States, they would really benefit from anybody it seems.

You have different opinion? Do you think somehow die hard 4/3 fans will be enough to sell many E-M1s when they were not enough to sell many E-5s or any other 4/3 cameras? Or somebody will choose just as slow and almost as big E-M1 over 6D/D7100/70D/k-30/NEX-6 and the rest of competition, if E-M1 is not significantly better in some respect? How? Why?

With due respect ... shouldn't we wait and see at least some actual specs before jumping 'just as slow' or 'almost as big' or 'not significantly better'?

A lot of specs are already pretty much known, and at least we can always take them as a base for speculation (including and first the insane $1500 price). Among the specs (and actually real performance, not just specs) which is not known I see the one which can determine whether or not the camera will be a success.

Does a system have to have a competitive advantage to survive? Of course.

Will the E-M1 display such a competitive advantage? We'll see. Oly did pretty well with the E-M5.

Sure, $1000 camera preorders on which started more than 18 months ago in a market without $600 NEX-6, $470 k-30, $800 X-E1 etc, with the closest competitor being $1400 NEX-7 lacking weather-sealing or fast AF or stabilization and with only 50/1.8 and $1100 24/1.8 being decent. Now is not then and the market is very different.

Must that competitive advantage by measure in fps? Depends on your needs.

What else is left at this price point, which competitors, say, 6D, or even $470 k-30, does not do better? Not just better, but $1000 better over that same k-30, not forgetting the disadvantages too? Surely not 1/8000 vs 1/6000 or WiFi.
It is not a rhetorical question - what else? And don't start about 4/3 lenses again, all competitors have lenses, some systems are bigger than m43 and 4/3.

OK, take the first camera on your list, the 6D.

The 6D kit with a 24-105/4 lens is priced $2,600 at B&H

6D body can be had for $1,500 new on ebay from bigvalue. Just like the rumored price

whereas the rumor site has the E-M1 w/12-40/2.8 kit at $2,200.

12-40 does not have the range of 24-105. And I am talking about that lens because neither its price no performance is known yet. So far we have Panasonic 12-35/2.8 at $1,300 and 6D can use Sigma 24-70/2.8 for $900. 1.5-2 stops difference after ISO adjustment - not even funny, and cheaper. Tamron 28-75/2.8 for those who like a little longer is $500 and 508g.

(Btw, the 6D is no 9fps monster).

Exactly. It is its weak point, and the only point E-M1 can attack at the same price. If not - it is dead meat.

There's no point in pursuing this conversation.  You're choosing to color selective facts in light of a predetermined conclusion, and simply can't get it through your head that others may have different preferences than yours, and therefore reach conclusions different that yours.

Suppose we were talking about cars.  At one point in my life we had kids at home, a dog, and needed a vehicle to haul that all around to various youth sporting events.  A minivan was perfect for the job, we bought one and were very happy with it.  Now my wife and I are empty nesters, enjoying sailing and kayaking, need to tow boats.  So a compact SUV makes perfect sense. We couldn't care less about buying a minivan.  In each instance our decisions were based on needs and preferences.

So it is with cameras.  I prefer something smaller that I can put in a sling bag with excellent glass, couldn't care less about fps, and find after using a vf-4 now prefer an EVF to an OVF.   ymmv.

There are few absolutes in life.  And that's a good thing.

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