RAW Troublemaker Again

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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

Jamie and Paul,

Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, since all of my PCs are WinXP, I'm still using LR3.  It doesn't seem to have the controls that you mention, so I assume you are using 4 or 5.

But I did play around with the simple CA control in LR3 along with the targeted color correction section.  I was able to get rid of most of the CA.  I also found that the NEX 7 I was using (with some legacy MF lenses) doesn't do as well with auto WB as my a-mount cameras and was actually giving the sky a slight purple tint.  So in LR I used the WB tint control to reduce the overall purple tint, which helped with the fringing as well as improved the overall color in the shot.

One other method I have tried was after exporting a processed raw as a Tiff (140MB file :^( to load it into Paint Shop X2 and use the magic wand tool to select the color of the fringe with low tolerance and non-contiguous selection.  So that way it picks all that color in the image.  With the right tolerance it only picks the fringing.  Then I reduce the saturation.  That's the tricky part, not leaving a gray fringe.  I think that's where using layers and blending would be useful, but with the very large Tiff adding layers really slows down the computer.  I should just reduce the Tiff to a manageable size, but I still have a prejudice against throwing away data even though I will never print that large.  (I have to re-educate myself in the era of 20+Mp images).


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