Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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Re: Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

JohnSingkit wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:


"There will me many new APS-C E-mount cameras and lenses in September. One of these cameras has a unique feature, and that camera will make you happy (if the price isn’t too high). And also Canon and Nikon owners will be motivated to switch and they can perfectly use all their lenses on it"


"You remember the mistake made by one of my sources saying the A3000 has in Body IS and another source saying it has a higher resolution EVF? They read wrong data in the Sony menu-manual. Even that was actually not a mistake…these are the data from another camera that Sony put by mistake on men"

I bet that is the camera he is talking about here, and the one that 'we' and 'Canon/Nikon users will like' will be the ILCE-5000 with IBIS

"The NEX-FF is confirmed(!). It is a pure NEX shape with more ergonomic grip."

ie. Rangefinder bodies will be confined to those who can afford to pay prices which have figures with the 'Leica' number of zeros on the end

"A-mount future: It’s moving more towards the PRO market and mirrorless tech."

Yup... ILCE cameras will probably start replacing both ranges - NEX and SLT from the bottom up with only the upper models in each range having the distinct characteristics (SLT mirror for A-mount and rangefinder body for E-mount)

"The NEX-7 successor suffered from delays because the NEX team priority shifted towards the cameras that I described on point 1. This is also the same reason why major firmware upgrade for the A77, NEX-7 and A99 and so on have been delayed (this week firmware update was just a small update). Sony engineers worked hard for the ASP-C A-mount cameras and NEX-FF. I have been told that its very likely the after the announcement storm in September they will finalize the firmware update work"

ie. NEX 7 replacement is on-hold until they can decide whether it (and maybe also the A77) should be replaced by an ILCE-7000 or whether the A-mount and E-mount ranges should still diverge at that point

Sony are putting a lot of 'positive spin' on this to SAR, but the 'real deal' is as I feared all along... NEX range (and SLT range) is dead at entry and mid range points. The only quesiton now is whether they also dead at the 'enthusiast' 7-series level. The NEX and SLT ranges only remain for certain at the FF levels which most of us cannot afford

I guess some really ambitious guy in Sony is trying to make his name by shaking the ranges up like this, but it will almost certainly end in tears...

Sometimes it's no fun to be right about stuff

I am told the data is different in Japan and Asian market (am looking for confirmation). The NEX RF form factor will survive but the low-end may not in the US.

On second thought, I think the RF form factor NEX will continue with full support: it currently has most of the development done for all the models except for the 7 successor; production line and parts are in place and these models will be produced for other markets, so even if 60% of the US market is going for the DSLR form factor, there is still a large segment who like it. Not a big deal to continue the NEX line and offer a broader selection of models to compete against other manufacturers.

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