DP2 merrill...want one, but serious doubts

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Jorginho wrote:

So I have m43 camera's and won't part of them, because they are versatile: they do almost everything very well. GX7 is the next one if thorough reviews confirm the first findings.

DP2merill....is a specialist cam. Perfect companion. I want to use it for landscape. I have gone to many reviews and many, many pics.

And this comes to mind:
- When it is in the shade, like a waterfall it is fantastic.
- Close ups of things, animals or people: my mFT with the 20 mm Panny or Oly 45 do not come close to this level.

But here is the thing:
- Whenever it is something with shade and sunshine (also indirect), this cam reminds me of my Panny G1. Simply put: either the shadows seem too dark or the clouds are blown out
- In B&W, the same sort of landscapes all of a sudden look breathtakingly beautifull. I also noted that there are quite a few of these to be found: for the reason that in colour they do not look so good??
- Clouds have strange structures, the look a bit like oversharpened ( Ihave it seen many times, so I don;t think anyone did oversharpen them).
- Colour of the sky: weird on many occasions..

So is it like this: MF IQ but with the exception of Dynamic range?
Is it mostly the softwarte delivered with the cam
Is it older FW versus newer FW?

Do you recognise this or not and what are your answers? In a bout 2,5 weeks I will be going to Scotland and the Lake District and seriously consider this cam for the landscapes tjhere but clearly need some advise.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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