RAW Troublemaker Again

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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

All right, enough. Just a simple observation, trying to process some shots from an assignment yesterday. I did those outdoor ones in RAW first, because I thought they might need the exposure correction. So I did it quickly with all of the adjustments I am familiar with, and thought I had it. Then today I looked at it again and saw some terrible splotching on faces and color noise in dark areas, so decided to look at the JPGs and see what they look like. I was amazed at how good they looked, none of those problems, and then I saw the CA on a building and the fence and shirt. The JPG didn't have that - which confirmed that the 18-135 is one of the corrected lenses on the a77 - a thrilling experience for me! The pix really were not underexposed. The sky caused the lower area to underexpose, but the histogram was perfect and the image looked fine in the viewfinder. Certainly within the correctable range.

So I put the tongue in cheek tiitle on this thread hoping you guys would have a sense of humor about "the old JPG vs RAW" discussion.

So I am not a RAW artiste yet, so forget about it.

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