The famous "which camera" question: Pentax K-50 or Samsung NX300.

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Re: The famous "Chalk and Cheese" reply.

GustavoGoulart wrote:

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here and I guess this is the most annoying kind of question, but it is needed to be asked :-).

Well, I did many reading about dslr, mirrorless, prices and features. I´m on a budget about $1000 to $1200, and I´m up to one of this options:

DSLR: Pentax K-50 or K-30, with 18-55 / 50-200 / 50 mm f1.8

Mirrorless: Samsung NX300, with 20-50 / 50-200 / 50 mm f1.8

I don´t want to decide just based on the best picture quality or video quality down to pixel peeping arguments, I aways balance price/features/quality...and I confess I have an inclination to the mirrorless side of the force, although I really loved the results I´ve seen from K-30 and K-50 and the weather sealing seems very appealing to me, not to mention the DSLR emotional connection with my past SLRs, but the whole package of the NX300 is seducing me day by day.

I don´t mind being limited on lenses, I don´t mind either to use all manual lenses with adapters, actually this idea seems exciting for me.

I know the Sony NEX family, It really

I really would like to see a DPreview review on Samsung NX300, I don´t know why is not there yet, since its such a promising camera.


Welcome to the forum.

These cameras are too different for meaningful comparison.

You need to decide whether you want to go down the DSLR route or the mirrorless route before you start choosing a camera.

They are both very good cameras, but very different.

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